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FinTech Consortium Institute is a center of excellence in FinTech education and training by providing programs to ensure students have the relevant skill-set and knowledge to capitalize on opportunities resulted from FinTech disruption.

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Georgetown FinTech Program

Hands-on experience from leading industry experts and entrepreneurs.

The program offered Live global case-studies and panel discussion with fintechs, regulators, venture capitalists, and financial institutions, seamlessly bring together the ecosystem’s regional and global insights. A parallel entrepreneurial track focuses on the application of evidence based reasoning and evaluate new entrepreneurial opportunities in the region and beyond.

National FinTech Talent Program

For individuals looking for exposure to fintech, entrepreneurial thinking and are typically working on digital initiatives (Currently based in Bahrain)

The program combined practical first-hand experience in the industry through internships with theoretical knowledge learned through the Georgetown FinTech Program and the blockchain and AI workshops. Following the completion of the program, top five candidates were selected for international job placements in Silicon Valley & Singapore. This unique program is regarded as highly desirable across industry sectors for individuals looking for exposure to fintech, entrepreneurial thinking and are typically working on digital initiatives from within their organizations.

Participating Employers

Betablocks Academy

Short Courses

In collaboration with BetaBlocks, FinTech Consortium Institute launched digital transformation courses focused on emerging technologies in FinTech during August of 2019. 


They are designed to offer the most benefit to business professionals who want to understand the basics of how these technologies work, the benefits they offer, and how they can be applied to industry in transformative ways.

The Betablocks Experience

Endorsed by the world's leading universities and FinTech Pioneers

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